Tips for Dealing with Telemarketers

When a telemarketer calls with a charity or product pitch you need to be a wise consumer. If you are going to consider the plea or pitch here are some tips so you will not be ripped off or scammed.

  1. Always ask for written information on the product or the charity that they are collecting for. Scammers and crooks will not send you written material. They want your money now before you have too much time to think about what they have said.

  2. Look out for similar sounding charity names or companies. Many scammers will have a name that sounds very close to the name of a well-known charity or company brand name. Don’t be fooled.

  3. Never give the telemarketer personal financial information, like your checking or bank account number or credit card number for a donation. Also do not give out your Social Security number, your driver’s license number or your address and phone number. A crook can take this information and wipe out your bank account and run up major bills on your credit card, and even open accounts in your name.
  4. Many times the telemarketer wants to send out a messenger to pickup the money. Say no, ask for an address to send it to them. It is best to send a money order, so that they do not have access to your check and bank numbers.

  5. If the telemarketer is trying to sell you a get rich quick scheme and wants you to send him just $29.00 to get started, don’t. If he really has a plan to get rich quick he will not be calling strangers with the idea, he would be doing it himself and getting rich.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Telemarketers do not always tell the truth. That’s the truth.