The Wonderful World of Internet Stalking

This is a story about how a mentally disturbed Michigan slanderer and internet stalker joined forces to harm someone they did business with.  It’s about how innocent involvement can turn especially nasty in no thanks to the world wide web and how you must be very careful with how you interact with people you may come across on the internet. It also serves as a warning how very easy it is for other people to harass you and even destroy your reputation.

This is what I call the wonderful world of internet stalking. As you will read, it’s not so wonderful.

The Michigan lady in my story basically stole the identity of her victim “Jay Bartell”, a corruption of his real name and started using that name to post abusive comments and slander him throughout the internet in chatrooms, business forums, on YouTube, complaints boards and other scam reporting websites. She posted some very personal information about him that would lead others to believe her lies.

The slanderer identifies this Bartell person as living in Nevada, Nebraska, New York, Florida, Washington, North Carolina and California and says he is out to “kill her”.  I already confirmed that the woman was reported to child services in Michigan as a danger to her three children because she up all night long posting her crazy lies.

I’ll use her initials “AK” also for short. This Michigan slanderer’s abusive and ridiculous claims against “Jay Bartell” say he is guilty of gross wrongdoing and crimes.  Here are JUST SOME of the assertions she makes:  she says “Jay” stole her secret website code and sold it to China for $1-billion dollars; that he was an actor on the TV shows Gunsmoke and The Rifleman and that he’s going to use the guns he had on the shows to shoot her and her family; that he’s a lawyer and a judge who’s going to have her committed and her children tossed in a river.

That he stole web sites from hundreds of famous business people whom he now holds hostage in his basement; that he’s a porn star who owns hundreds, if not thousands of pornography web sites earning multi-millions of dollars each year; that he’s a web programmer whose web servers host the White House web site.

That he writes books about poetry and soup and owns a soup kitchen; that he races cars; that he’s a construction worker who builds lousy houses that kill people; that he’s a psychological profiler for the FBI; that he sells phony diet products from his Nevada warehouse; that he stole horse trainer Monty Roberts’ horse and ranch from him; that Monty Roberts beat up “Jay’s” wife; that he’s a brain surgeon with secret fake technology he’s been trying to sell to her husband; that he’s using her own phony business web site IP addresses to remotely commit terrorist attacks from Iran. She has also claimed at different times that he broke into her house, her phone, her computer and bank account.

AK is the woman who along with her husband teamed up with a JFK assassination conspiracist from the Netherlands to defame someone whom Mr. Dankbaar had bad dealings with, you guessed it … “Jay Bartell”.  Now AK is in danger of defaming and slandering anyone associated with the name Bartell and any variation of it.  She has been posting her slander on websites and blogs throughout the internet using the Bartell name.  Her husband “EK” reported his company’s lawyers are notifying the CIA and FBI of the so-called “death threats” his wife allegedly received and is drafting lawsuits against anyone and everyone named Jay Bartell.

Since she became entrenched in her relationship with the JFK conspiracy nut, AK has even gone on to accuse her nemesis Bartell of assassinating President Kennedy which she said he conspired to do with the help of a consumer advocate.  And guess who that is.  That’s right. ME. She said that me and Jay Bartell were in cahoots in the early 1960s to assassinate President Kennedy because we’re “gay lovers”. She further cites “aliases” used by Bartell as “proof” of his crimes, saying he also uses last names Barrel, Barel, Barrell, Bartel, Bertell, Bertel, Bartolini, Barte, Berte, Bosco and a few others along with these first names: Anthony, Bill, Bob, Dennis, Gary, Garry, J, Jaye, Jim, James, John, Jesse, Jess, Jessie, Mackie. She combines them in various forms, posts that “Jay Bartell” is using those names and then she ties some real event or personal contact information to her crazy post.

Dr. Matthew Billow, a retired psychiatrist, has stated that “the woman is displaying true psychosis and that she is indeed a danger to her children.  The fact that she’s aligned herself with a known JFK conspiracist is most telling”, he says, and “it’s obvious that she has taken on a conspiracy mentality and that without proper care, the woman and perhaps her husband could act on their delusions to the detriment of many innocent people.”