The Rip-Off of 86-Year Old Susie

There are some electric and plumbing companies that permit their employees to take advantage of Senior Citizens. Many of these rip-off companies run large ads in the yellow section of the phone books. The owners of these companies know what is going on but they hear and see no evil when it means money in their pockets.

An 86-year old senior citizen who I will call Susie, lives in an apartment in Beverly Hills and her electric power went off on Saturday of the Memorial Day Weekend. Susie lost her husband six years ago and lives by herself in a small apartment. She feared that if she did not get an electrician quickly she would be without power until the next Tuesday after the Holiday. She went to the telephone pages and called an electric and plumbing company that had a full-page ad.

The electrician arrived and looked at the electric outlet near her electric hospital bed. Then he went to the hallway and flipped the main breaker box switch and her power came back on. Susie said he as not in her apartment more than 15 minutes. He charged her $740 to flip the breaker switch. Susie said he left a pile of wires near her electric bed. So on Tuesday she called the company and told them to have him come back and clean up his mess.

When the rip-off electrician arrived he told Susie he had forgotten to do something very important to her electric system and it needed to be done for her safety. He told her she would have to sign another contract for more money to have him finish the job. Susie said you have already charged me way too much and she ordered him out. He took his wires and left. Susie called me for help. She was worried that perhaps there was another electric problem. I ask one of my volunteers who is an electrical engineer to visit her apartment with me to check out the electric system. He found that there was no problem and that the electrician did not replace any wires and only through the break switch. He says the electrician charged Susie about 300% more than he should have charged.

I am told the electrician gets 35% of the amount and the rest of the $740 goes to his company. Why don’t I tell you the name of the company? The reason is that they would sue me in court and the Troubleshooter Foundation does not need another lawsuit. I suggest you will be safe from fraud if you deal with my Troubleshooter Sponsors. My job is to get you straight information and not fight the bad guys in court.