Seniors: Bank Phone Fraud

Lots of times, this happens to seniors, but it can really happen to anyone.

Seniors are called by a conman who identify himself as a bank security officer or an FBI Agent and tells them they have found a bank clerk who is taking money out of seniors accounts. The Fake FBI Agent asks for help in catching this bank clerk “red handed”.

Elders believe what they are told, and they always wanted to help police or authorities. The crook ask for the elder’s bank account number and how much money they have. Many times they will ask them to transfer money from their savings to their checking account. He tells you that if the bank calls to check on a phone check drawn on your account tell them it is ok.

Now that he has the account number and knows how much is in the account, he sends the bank a telephone check supposedly approved by you and drawn on the account and takes most of the money.