Response to April Kelley’s and Wim Dankbaar’s Claims

In late 2009, I was contacted by a Michigan woman named April Kelley who was extremely upset when she told me she had a website built related to insurance agents and the programmers at Netzpro started asking for more money than was originally quoted. When she wouldn’t pay, she said they started putting in viruses and links to pornography sites. She asked for my help in my capacity as a consumer advocate to find a solution. 

I told her about the web company I used, named Cybersoup, that had created and maintained my site and suggested she call them to discuss her situation. I was also friends with J Bartell, one of the company’s owners. I had been very happy with their services and I thought they would do whatever was needed to solve her problem. 

Weeks went by and she called me and thanked me for the referral saying her new website was now up and running, free and clear of any viruses or pornography links. I checked her site and confirmed that it was operating well and no one was getting directed to any third party sites or having lewd pop-up windows come up, although I really don’t know for a fact if that really ever happened to her first site.

Another week or so passed and she called me again very upset and complaining that now Cybersoup was putting in viruses and pornography links into her new site. When I asked her why they would do such a thing she told me she still owned them money and that they were trying to get back at her. She also claimed that the company had stolen her private software and was in the process of selling it to the highest bidder and that they were hacking into her phone, home computer and bank account. Well I was sure that wasn’t true. 

After she hung up, I contacted her former programmers at Netzpro and told them who I was and that I was investigating April Kelley’s claims. They told me she was a “crazy woman” who wouldn’t pay them after they did work for her on her site. I then called Cybersoup to find out what was happening and I got a similar story, that she was making a number of big changes to her site that had not been contracted for originally and then that she refused to pay the balance due on the work already completed saying that she was suddenly “dissatisfied”. It was pretty clear at this point that April Kelley had not been honest with me or any of her programmers.

Within a short time after that I received emails and even some phone calls from a man named Wim Dankbaar from Holland who was claiming that April Kelley was being cheated by Cybersoup and that if I didn’t do something to help her get all her money back, both he and she would ruin my reputation. I was now being blackmailed. 

I called Cybersoup to alert them to what was happening and I discovered that Wim Dankbaar had once been an investor in the company but that he and the owner had a falling out over Mr. Dankbaar’s investigations into the man who supposedly shot President John F. Kennedy. It’s a long story but the outcome was that Mr. Dankbaar had such a vendetta that he had done whatever he could to destroy the owner’s reputation and used his own Kennedy murder site to defame, threaten and blackmail the Cybersoup owner. April Kelley found Mr. Dankbaar through his website and they enlisted each other’s help.

Over the following year, I was subjected to ongoing harassment and blackmail from April Kelley and Wim Dankbaar. Mrs. Kelley then sent me a link to a YouTube video she posted making a number of claims that were bizarre and not true. 

There’s not much else to be said about this strange story other than to note that some people can never be helped because they are simply not living in reality. I think that goes for both April Kelley and Wim Dankbaar.

—Judd McIlvain, February 2011—