Phantom Students & Teachers Costing Taxpayers

According to professors, teachers, students and college administrators there are colleges in Southern California that have had or currently have phantom students on their class rolls. Professors, instructors and even an acting dean have allegedly been fired for exposing the phantom student scam.

Professor Bryan McMann says he was fired for blowing the whistle on phantom students put in his Automotive Science classes at El Camino College. He showed me computer read outs that demonstrated that two students in his class never attended class. Professor McMann says he was instructed by his superiors to give both the students’ straight “A”s. He refused.

McMann a tenured professor was fired, and a court upheld his firing. But now the California Supreme Court has over turned that ruling and sent the matter back for a new trial with a new judge. Professor McMann says one of the phantom students was never on campus because he was in the U.S. Army.  Documents show the phantom student’s father was a high official of another college. McMann says the other phantom student admitted that she did not go to class, and was given the grades as a favor after she and her husband donated money to the college.

Ventura County –  Juvenile Hall teacher Rob Levine says his school had phantom teachers. Levine says there were state and federal funds for three teachers and he was the only teacher with 60 students at the Juvenile Hall. He says the Federal Government paid the county for Special Education Students, and there was not Special Education Teacher, or classes. Levine says when he exposed what was going on with the phantom teachers, he was fired. He has now won a lawsuit for about $800,000. The County is appealing.

I am told there are many other public colleges and schools that also have bogus student enrollment so as to collect more tax money and lottery funds.

The Tax Payer, you and me, are being ripped off by college and school administrators who are no more than common crooks. We need an immediate state investigation of our public school system. Other states have had investigations, and are now saving Millions of dollars.