Military Family Scams

Unscrupulous telemarketers are now calling asking you to help military families that have children and have lost their civilian income and must now live on lower military income. These con artists say the kids have to go without. They say especially the families who have lost a father or mother need income now to help the kids.

The telemarketers say they represent non-profit organizations and the donations will go exclusively to the “Military Families” with children. The scammers are asking for donations of $75 to $100. Most of the calls are now going to small businesses. They target Small businesses run by immigrants because of their strong patriotic beliefs.

Many of these telemarketers do represent non-profit organizations but 90 per cent of the money they collect goes to administration and only five per cent to the families. They will donate the five per cent to another organization like the Red Cross and they will take out another percentage of the money for their administration, so very little ever gets to the families.

Here is how to fight back. Ask the telemarketer to send you literature and give you a phone number of the organization. A “RED Flag” should go up if they say they will have a messenger come by and pick up the money immediately.

I suggest that if you want to donate to “Military Families” call the Military and ask them whom they suggest. Many Military bases have “true” family organizations that can use the money.
God Bless our troops.