Media Delivery System to the Brain

Advanced Broadcast Delivery System to the Brain.

These ideas are so far out-of-the-box that there is NO BOX. These ideas deal with the same brain waves and nerve connections that are now use to help blind people see, and fighter pilots direct their fire by moving their eyes. For the blind a camera is currently used to sends visual waves directly into the blind person’s optic nerve. This system is now operative and blind people can see again. The CBS 60 Minutes News Magazine had a report on November 2, 2008 about a man paralyzed from the neck down, and he was able to run a computer connected to his brain waves. Through his thoughts he was able to move artificial limbs and do other tasks on the computer by simply thinking about it.

However, at this time no one is broadcasting video with these types of brain wave connections to the optic nerve. Today, Jet fighter pilots use the brain waves to move their gun sites by simply moving their eyes, where their eyes go, so goes the sitting of the guns.

With this future wireless brain wave system, a viewer could come home, sit back and close his or her eyes and watch the evening news, or his favorite show. No large screen needed, it is as large as your mind can see it, and it is always HDTV.

It maybe necessary to implant a small chip under the skin on the neck behind the ear for the wireless connection.  This technology of connection to the brain waves is already in use.

The possible uses of this brain wave to brain wave media technology are limitless for the broadcast media and the business world in general.

Business meetings will completely change, what your eyes and ears see and hear will be transmitted to your associates in any city or country. A brainstorming session, will have an all new meaning in HD.