Killing Were-Wolves in the Woods of Texas

This story is so outrageous it is hard to believe it is true, but it is, and I covered this story as part of a murder trial in Houston, Texas.

The suspect in the murder trial was charged with killing a man in the woods in Northeast Harris County. The news media was not covering the story, apparently because it seemed routine, angry man kills another man. However, when I started asking questions about the “whys” and “hows” of the murder, a totally different story came to light.

The attorney representing the suspect said the District Attorney’s office had charged his client with the wrong crime. He said he should have been charged with killing an animal or cruelty to an animal, but not for killing a human being. I said to the defense attorney, “wait just a minute, did he kill a human being, or did he kill an animal?”  The attorney said his client shot a were-wolf, which was a wolf at the time, but after he was shot and before he died, he turned back into a man. Therefore, when police arrived they found the body of a man shot to death with a 30/30 hunting rifle. However, his client claims that he was hunting a wolf, and he shot a wolf. How would you like to be on this jury?

The accused killer described to me what the wolf looked like when he shot it. He said the wolf had been attacking the animals on his small ranch and he was trying to kill it. He said the wolf was making nightly visits to his chicken coop and having a chicken dinner. So he staked out the chicken coop one night. The Rancher said at about 1 am he heard the wolf in the coop and ran out to shoot him.

He said he was chasing the black and gray wolf that was about the size of a large German Shepherd Dog. He told me he shot the wolf, when it stopped and looked back at him. He said the wolf was at a distance of about 100 feet away. He says the wolf’s eyes flashed at him when he shot it. He said after he shot the wolf, it screamed, and turned and ran off. He said he followed and was shocked to find the wolf turning into a man at the spot where the wolf had fallen. He said the wolf, or man didn’t say anything but continued to change into a man who he had never met.

Were-Wolf killing?

The ranch owner says the dead wolf has completely turned into a human by the time the sun came up. The rancher called Sheriff’s deputies. The dead man or wolf was completely naked and his hands were rough like he had been running on all fours. The Sheriff’s Department finger printed the man and could not make a match with anyone on file with the FBI.

This was the defense for the killing of the man who was found shot to death in the woods. The jury apparently didn’t buy the were-wolf story and convicted the man of murder. The prosecutor never really presented a motive for the shooting death. Detectives never could identify the dead man and no one ever claimed the body. The man or were-wolf was buried as a human being not a wolf.