FBI Credit Card Alert

With hackers stealing extensive credit card information from Target and Neiman Marcus, some of the hacker criminals are now posing as the FBI to scam victims further.

E-mails that look like they’re on U.S. Justice Department and FBI letterhead are being sent to victims instructing them to contact the FBI at a URL address listed in the e-mail. If you click on this URL it will put malware in your computer and shut it down.  Then you have to pay the criminals to take it out of your computer. This malware can also read your computer key strokes, and the crooks can monitor all your business without you even knowing it.

The FBI says do not click on any URL address in a so-called FBI e-mail—these FBI e-mails are FAKE.

Also, the crooks are using your personal information that they’ve hacked from Target or Neiman Marcus in FAKE e-mails. These e-mails may have Target or Neiman Marcus logos, but the FBI warns they may be from the hackers, so do NOT click on any URL addresses.  If you have questions, call Target or Neiman Marcus or go to the store.

You can find other FBI scam alerts by clicking on the home page of this TroubleshooterJudd.com website and checking out the right side of the page.

Remember, the criminals and hackers can have logos on their fake e-mails that look just like those belonging to the FBI or any business.