Car Bump Fraud

A car bumps the back of an elderly person’s vehicle. The driver and passenger of the scammer’s car jump out and start arguing with the elder saying old people should not be given driver’s licenses.

The driver of the scammer’s car demands to see your driver’s license. (He knows it will be in your wallet.) All this time the passenger is arranging the senior about his or her driving, trying to keep her confused. Many elder women will put their purse on the truck of the car as they go through it for their wallet. As soon as the wallet comes out with the license, the crook says I want to see your insurance papers right now. The elder woman will go back into her car and get the insurance papers out of the glove department. But while she is doing this they are removing her money and credit cards.

Another way this scam works is that the crooks demand money or they will call the police and the elder woman or man will lose their driver’s license. The crooks say the elder’s insurance will be cancelled and then they will lose their driver’s license. The crooks also say the elder will have to take another driver test at the DMV because she has been in an accident. The crooks say they will not call the police if you go to an ATM and get then $300 or $400 dollars right now. If you don’t they say we are calling the police.

The Senior should say I am calling the police, and use a cell phone to call 911. All Seniors should carry cell phones. They do not have to pay to be connected to a phone carrier, all cell phones that are working and charged up will connect to 911 for emergency calls.

When you tell the crooks you are calling the police they will quickly leave. Normally there is no damage to your car.