About The Trouble Shooter

Judd McIlvain said “The foundation of my work as the TV Troubleshooter for the past 35 years is to help consumers fight for their rights. That is why I use my efforts on radio, TV, magazines and this web site to educate consumers about what rights they have, and how to use them. 

My goal is to help disseminate information to consumers that helps the elderly, taxpayers, and families who are struggling in our economy today. My mission is to help educate consumers of all ages about their rights and help protect hard-working people from all types of frauds. 

I accomplish this by TV shows, radio programs, Internet talk shows, syndicated magazine columns, and this web page that lets the consumer help me to expose frauds.These fraud warnings help every citizen, no matter what their age; keep from being a victim of financial consumer fraud. 

Many times I have to personally investigate a situation to help the consumer fight back. This happens especially in cases of elder financial abuse.Many times elderly citizens are robbed of all their financial resources and then dumped on the street by a con artist.

The “Center Pieces” of this battle to educate consumers are made up of the Internet Troubleshooter Talk Show on www.AdviceRadio.com on Wednesday at 1 PM PT. And also consumer alerts on KRLA Radio and a new educational/TV show, plus columns in LA Valley Magazine and extensive information here on the www.TroubleshooterJudd.com web site. 

My Troubleshooter Team Members are like bulldogs when they find out about a fraud and rip-off of our consumer/taxpayers. We don’t let go until the bad guy is in jail or his fraud is totally exposed to the world. A 73-year old woman said to me, “Judd, I would have never done this if I knew it was a rip-off fraud. They took all the money I have to live on for the rest of my life. What can I do?” My job is to make sure I never hear this again.”

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